FOSH - Friends of Sound Horses is an organization dedicated to promoting sound, not sored, gaited horses. They will only support flat shod or barefoot horses and would never endorse any event that allows any artificial method to enhance a natural gait.

ABC Registery - The American Bashkir Curly Registery is a great source of information on Curly history, breed standards, confirmation requirements and other information on the Curly breed.

ICHO - International Curly Horse Organization helps to provide continuing education to breeders & members for maximum understanding of Curly Horse genetics and all that is involved in its breeding and management.

CHPDB - Curly Horse Pedegree Data Base is a website sponsored by the ICHO to help breeder locate potential studs and mares to breed with, as well as giving the public a place to search for breeders in your area.


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